Legal information


At this time, and in addition to the content of our "Legal notice", the privacy policy of is based on:

  • Only requesting from the user data that is strictly necessary to provide the services of the Portal. For example, if you wish to receive headlines relating to content that is of interest to you by e-mail, we only require an alias, password and e-mail address (we do not require your real name or your postal address, etc.)

When you register to receive the news headlines service, the e-mails you receive will be exclusively related to the issue that you chose and not to any other issue. For example, if you choose to receive headlines related to "News from the Community of Madrid", you will receive headlines related to this topic and no other content.

  • We only automatically obtain the minimum level of technical information required to provide a good service. When you enter the site, we only analyse which type of browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) and the version in order to select the appropriate style sheet to enable you to see the content correctly; we choose the language and the character set of the browser for the same reason (for example, so that accents are correctly displayed).


  • We use cookies of your visit exclusively for statistical purposes (to be precise, so that we can count the number of unique visitors to the website), and the cookies do not store any information other than a randomly generated 128 bit number.

If a user of does not wish to accept the cookie on their computer, they may still use the site without any restrictions.

These guidelines are only applicable to the content stored under the new format of, which you can recognise by the presence of our Community of Madrid logo and the phrase "la Suma de Todos" in the top left corner.