How to vote

Visually impaired persons

Visually impaired persons who know the Braille reading and writing system with a recognised visual impairment of 33% or greater, or who are affiliated with ONCE, may register to use the accessible voting procedure by calling 900 82 20 12 toll-free. They may register between 31 March and 27 April, both included.

The Government of the Community of Madrid, in turn, shall be responsible for conducting an informational campaign in accessible format, which shall be broadcast free on publicly-owned media once the electoral processes have been called.

Once the registration is complete, visually impaired voters shall receive a confirmation that it has been received, enabling them to collect the documentation at the Electoral Table.

On polling day visually impaired voters shall contact the Chairperson of the Electoral Table and show identification, then shall be given a case with a Braille sticker indicating the elections being held. This case shall contain an envelope indicating in ink and in Braille the elections being held and the polling date. This envelope must also include the following documentation:

  • Instructions explaining how to use the documentation printed in Braille.
  • A standard voting envelope.
  • An envelope for each of the candidacies, indicating them in ink and in Braille.

Inside each of these envelopes visually impaired voters shall find the standard voting ballot corresponding to the candidacy indicated on the outside of the envelope. Voters shall remove the ballot and place it in the standard voting envelope, then go to the table to place their vote.

It is important to mention that polling stations must have a specific, accessible and suitable space that ensures the privacy of voters and that is located as close as possible to the Table where they will exercise their right to vote.