How to vote

Persons on-board ship

Postal vote request using the ship's radio-telegraphy service From 31 March until 14 May
Remittance of the electoral roll registration certificate and electoral documentation for the postal vote by the Electoral Roll Office From 4 until 14 May
Remittance of postal vote by certified and urgent mail to the Electoral Tables, from any of the ship's ports of call. From 4 until 20 May


All voters who have to remain onboard a ship until 24 May 2015, the date of the elections for the Community of Madrid, on ships belonging to the navy, the merchant navy and the offshore fishing fleet sailing under the Spanish flag, and who will during this period dock in ports in the national territory of Spain that are known in advance, may exercise their right to vote.

This is regulated by Article 9 of Royal Decree 605/1999, of 16 April, modified by the Royal Decree 1382/2002, of 20 December, whereby complementary electoral process regulations are established (Official State Gazette no. 305, of 21 December). The terms and system are identical to those established for postal voting, excepting that the post office in this case is the ship's radio telegraph service, and the Commanders, Captains or Officers to which they report shall be performing the role of the postal workers.


a) Requesting a postal vote:

A certificate of registration on the electoral roll should be requested from the Branch of the Electoral Roll Office corresponding to the part of the Community of Madrid where the voter is registered. This request may be processed by radio-telegraphy. These messages are free.

The message should state:

  • The full name of the applicant.
  • Their national identity card number.
  • Date of birth.
  • The province and municipality where they were born.
  • The municipality in which they are registered on the electoral roll.
  • The number and street of their home.
  • The port or ports in which they plan to dock, indicating the exact dates when this will take place.
  • In the event that it should be possible for the voter to receive the electoral documentation from another boat, the radio-telegraphy message should also include the consignee, ship-owner or ship to which it should be sent.

b) Time period for requesting a postal vote:

Seagoing individuals may request a postal vote between 31 March and 14 May 2015, both included. However, if you wish to exercise the right to a postal vote, do not leave it until the last minute. Submit your application as soon as possible.

c) Voting by post:

When this message is received, the Provincial Branch of the Electoral Roll Office shall send the applicant, between the dates of 4 and 17 May, via the system indicated in the radio-message, an envelope containing:

  • Certificate of registration in the electoral roll.
  • An envelope addressed to the Chairperson of the polling station with which the elector is registered.
  • An envelope bearing the phrase "Elecciones a la Asamblea de Madrid" (Elections for the Assembly of Madrid) to be used for sending the voting slip.
  • A voting slip for each of the declared candidates.
  • An instruction sheet.

Once you receive this documentation, select the ballot for the candidacy you wish to vote for and put it in the envelope that reads "Elecciones a la Asamblea de la Comunidad de Madrid". Then seal the envelope.

Place the following documents in the envelope addressed to the Chairperson of the Polling station:

  • The voting envelope marked "Elecciones a la Asamblea de la Comunidad de Madrid".
  • The certificate of registration on the electoral roll.

d) Sending a postal vote:

Persons on board ship sending a postal vote should remember:

  • To place the certificate of registration on the electoral roll in the envelope addressed to the Chairperson of the polling station.
  • This envelope does not require a stamp but should be sent by urgent registered post.
  • The last day to send this envelope is 20 May 2015; however to ensure it is received properly please send it as soon as possible.